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Free For All

Reaching out

Hi my friend and I are currently looking for a new raiding guild to join and we're interested in applying to you guild. I found your post on wowprogress saying that you are still recruiting. Unfortunately there was no one to add to Btag if i had a...
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Free For All


urm, i seem to have lost my forum privileges and also was g-kicked for inactivity. 😩If i return for the expansion i'll see how the guild is doing. Take it easy
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Free For All

Possible Mumble issues

Saw this on the wow reddit.Looks to only be an issue with Win10, but thought I'd share in case this has/does hit anyone.
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Free For All

Wow, how many of the old crew is still around?

Hi Guys. Congrats on the Mythic Kills it's been awhile ;)
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Free For All


Just saying hi to all the guildies here, put in an appt not to long ago and wanted to say hey whats up and introduce myself. hope that we'll get to hang out a bit. aight take it easy guys, peace!
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Free For All

could someone add me?

I'm already in guild could someone add me
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